January 2016

For the Love of Wine

(Family Features) Whether it’s relaxing at home, dining out at a restaurant or celebrating with friends and family, Americans are enjoying wine at a wider variety of [Read more...]

Winter Tree Trimming

(BPT) – Is your winter tree maintenance limited to trimming the Christmas tree? If so, you’re missing out on one of the season’s most important home projects. Many [Read more...]

Accents to Update Any Space

(Family Features) Accent pieces are an easy way to update any room. Introducing fresh colors and styles with decorative items and textiles can instantly transform the entire [Read more...]

Manage Diabetic Pets at Home

(Family Features) Chances are good that you know someone who has diabetes. However, you may not realize this disease that commonly affects humans is on the rise among dogs [Read more...]

Swap Up for Big Game Day

(Family Features) Chicken wings, guacamole, and cheesy dips are America’s top choices for most Big Game day menus, but the same recipes year after year can get tiring. [Read more...]