Dallas and Fort Worth News

Anita McNutt took to her growing Facebook page to rally support for a petition to legalize the urban chicken concept. More
A mobile dentistry operating out of a unique tiny house is turning heads in Downtown Dallas. More
They had to go in there because they knew they could make a difference," said McDade. More
Frank Molinar is a blue-collar man, from a blue-collar town, with a blue-collar story. More
Three weeks ago, Dan crashed his truck into a tree in Flower Mound. More
Fort Worth locals know Magnolia Avenue well but now the street is being recognized by a national organization as one of fifteen "great places" in America. More
Three people died in the southeast part of Fort Worth two weeks ago, not far from 820 and Wilbarger. It was the same general area that saw devastating floods again this past weekend. More
A former bouncer at the Varsity Tavern has been indicted on a sexual assault charge, accused of driving home two intoxicated women from the bar in March, then raping both women inside one of their homes. More
An administrator admitted to sending an expletive-filled Twitter message to Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels and one of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers, according to an email to parents from the school. More
Here are a few things you may not have known about the friendly giant. More
Record-setting rainfall drenched the Dallas-Fort Worth area throughout Friday night while flooding dozens of homes, and causing tough driving conditions where in a few places, water was as high as the cars on the road. More
He survives off social security and the money he gives to feed those kids comes out of his retirement. Don says it's worth every penny. More
The victim was identified as Lin Wang. Police are still searching for the suspect. More
A large wave overcame Nikki Lewis and slammed her headfirst into the sand, breaking her neck and partially paralyzing her. More
The City of Arlington confirms part of the Abram Street Rebuild Project was elevating the roadway to reduce flooding issues in the road. More