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The documents were scheduled to be released on October 26. pending the president's approval. More
For the Lancaster High School students, it is another mission accomplished. More
Would those kinds of tax cuts be a shot in the arm to our economy? More
They hire you, only to fire you. More
It was a surprise even to one man who'd just moved there, but he agrees-- it's an oasis of affordable homes in the midst of an expensive North Fort Worth area. More
The victim was flown to Children's Medical Center of Dallas in critical condition. More
The Broseco Ranch, which gets its name from the Brown family and the former Brown Securities Co., includes more than 2,000 head of award-winning Red Angus cattle. More
For the first time at Children's Medical Center Dallas, doctors performed four transplants on young patients in a matter of days. More
Football is king in Texas. So you can imagine the celebration after a McKinney High School senior broke a state rushing record Thursday night. More
They'll be cited, fingerprinted, their marijuana confiscated and released beginning Dec. 1. More
Real classics raise hard questions. If they make us uncomfortable, that should be a good thing. More
Change can have both positive and negative effects on a community. This study examined nine elements of local change, including commute times, employment growth, income, house prices, crime rates, and new building permits. More
We know KFC can do chicken right, but they're pretty good at Twitter, too.The fried chicken restaurant follows 11 accounts on Twitter, and it's a pretty interesting bunch. More
Keep your eyes to the sky this weekend: You'll be able to see one of the year's best space shows — the peak of the Orionid meteor shower. More