About Frisco Texas

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Frisco is a city located in Collin and Denton counties and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With easy access to both of the areas major airports, and with major highways north-south and east-west, the city is well-positioned for continued growth and consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.


Cattle drives once took place through Dallas and south to Austin along the old Shawnee Trail – which is now Preston Road.

Frisco has a rich pioneer history that is still celebrated to this day, as depicted in many public art displays located throughout the city. When Dallas was being settled by American pioneers, many of the settlers traveled by wagon trains along the old Shawnee Trail. This trail was also used for cattle drives north from Austin. This trail would later become Preston Trail, and eventually, Preston Road. Preston Road is one of the oldest north-south roads in all of Texas.


You can visit an authentic replica of the original train station just off Main Street.

With all of this activity, the community of Lebanon was founded along this trail and granted a U.S. post office in 1860. In 1902, the railroad came to town, as a line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway was being built through the area. Watering roles for the old steam engines were needed and built along the trail. But the old settlement of Lebanon was considered too high in elevation, so the watering hole was placed about four miles (6 km)


to the west on lower ground. Eventually, a community grew around this train stop, and residents of Lebanon actually moved their houses to the new community on logs. The new town was named Emerson, but that name was rejected by the U.S. Postal Service as being too similar to another town in Texas. So in 1904, the residents chose Frisco City in honor of the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway on which the town was founded – and later shortened to its present name.

Today Frisco is a vibrant and sought-after destination for families and businesses alike. With many major employers, diverse shopping, dining, entertainment, and major sports venues – including the home of the Dallas Cowboys training facilities and offices – Frisco has so much to offer.

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Frisco, Texas – Population surpassing 192,000 as 2020.